FBM Bike Company Is Awesome!

Any Time i get mail from Cameron Wood, I get stoked, tpday he sent a few pics, one of Tony Hamlin Gittin Sum out in California, and anotjer of Lelands head on fire after dealing with the epic adventures of the shitluck video. Elf is just kooked. I posted a pic of the best porch in Portland, where the band Portals has been known to hang out. You might notice a golden beer funnel in the pic, and Erik has definitely pounded at least a thousaond beers out of that thing. Forgash pounds Red Bulls with it, and shoots the neighbors with paintballs. I am headed to Nyquists this week with Derrick Girard, the two Tony’s and Fishy Cent, Nyquists place is UNREAL. There is no Gimme coffee near Greenville unfortunately. This weekend is the Empire Ramp Jam in Texas, I am sure it will be fun, and that if Ron Metcalf is there, he will look disgusting. Ratty Shitty Adam and Devon will be Awesoming the place to shreds though. Word.

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