FBM 4down New Rider!

New 4down/FBM rider- Tom Forster

Ian Morris, (the guy who did the roof drop rail at lehigh in ’95) emailed and said 4down is now hooking up a new rider named Tom Forster, heck yes! Tom Blyth was busy youtubing Road house 2, and was not available for comment. In other news, I posted some random pics form the summer, from the 4down trip, and a trip to NYC with Wormz. Tag recently won a trip to Las Vegas to play pool in a tournament out there. that guy is something else I Tell ya. Congrats Mike. Binghamton news? I guess there was a Drive By near the House that Mikey, Johnny, Joel Barnett and Dave all live at. Yikes. Binghamton is also in the running for highest feral cat, and pigeon population, as well as people driving around in Lark and rascal wheelchairs….

Tom Forster/new howler! Tom Blyth, chillin 4down Berlin trip photo- Cranpa boost Joe Strummer was stoked on FBM and 4down. True story. Wormz rail hop NYC. Kennedy's yo! Tag Pool shark. Pigeons and feral cats. Binghamton is peppered with them.

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