famous friday!

Dave King photo by Terra, lifted from Dig

Heres a sweet pic of Dave King riding Catty, lifted off the Digbmx website. In Newer news, We would like to extend a warm welcome to Joel Barnett to the list of FBM Flowbies. Joel is an upstate NY/Pennsylvania shredder, steadily earning underground legend status, with tales of amazing riding. Joel just moved in with the Corts’ Brothers, and is heading out on the road with the FBM crew later this month. Word. Mickey marshal pics, Erik Stevenson coming through once again. Keep it gansterrr. the last picture is sentover by Sweet Baby Bryan tarbell, of Tony Cardona from warmer days, at the Belmar comp this past summer. dave king is still hammered from that event. Axel rad has more pics of Tony, Dave King, and the free thoughts of Summertime two wheeled expression. Tran Sam BMX has a Tony C pic posted. I dont know why its called Tran Sam, is there a tranny BMX kid named sam working at the Little Devil Warehouse? Mandrew- Holla!

Dave King Aint Shit... Joel Joel barnett 360... Mickey in Louisiana... Mickey Marshal.. Tony C, opp. 360 at the Belmar...

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