Eff Yeah!

Russ Pope art....

Some Friday art courtesy of Russ Pope of Beloe Footwear. Sweet dude!. Tom Sanders, and Tom Blyth hired a security guard ala “rob and Bigg” for street missions, Boss man’s name is the Donn, if you mess around, he’ll take you down. What time is it son? I got a chance to hangout with upstate NY oldheads, DJ and
Guav (what kid of name is that), in Ithaca, to discuss the headtube stickers on the completes. Guav is an old school freestyle maniac from Ithaca who helped out with the complete graphics. Stoked! Guav also keeps the corts brothers outfitted with Slayer and Judas Priest t-shirts, so they can keep it extra metal in the machine shop. We make bikes, didn’t you know…. Holla at us!

go fast! Evan V pic. The Donn, repping Tom Blyth and Tom Sanders in the UK Exodus... Man, mad dog and pumpkin eater? Bark at the moon DJ, cranpa, and Guav big apes!

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