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Tom Blyth, recovery bound

Word from Tom Blyth is that he had knee surgery on tuesday, and is heading towards recovery. Good luck Tommy Boy. Gilly Smalls has been in Philly lately shredding with Dave King, and Minnie Dave King, here is a pic of him from Summertime at POSH. Team major air Advertisement featuring Ben Nogan, AKA Ben Nogan. TMA is something else boy. Check out som enews about Ozfest, and Russ popes Beloe Project on EXPN Dot Com. Sweet Dudes. More news coming down the wire, hold fast!

In case you didn't remember, Gilly builds, and shreds, huge fucking jumps! Team Major air will eat your face. Dan Southwell will eat your quarterpipe. Biggie Smalls will eat the internet FBM friends, DJ Jazzy Russ Pope, and the Fresh prince. who is this guy?

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