Kelly Baker and the crew went to Rays MTB park, to meet up with Scott Towne and the Cobras Locall 77. Kelly Hit a rafter so hard in the ceiling, that he split his helmet and gouged his head so gnarley, that everyone though he was in shock. Actually, kelly is such a tough ass, no one could figure out that he wasn’t phased by it, and assumed, he must be in shock. He rode the rest of the evening, and then drove all the way back to NY.
Talem Cowart, from Atlanta, sent over a couple texas pics, one of Tony C, with what appears to me a dirtstache, and Cameron Wood with a Mohawk? I have no Idea. the Other Is Aaron “big Daddy” Ross Icepicking up a rail. Talem Pic From Dev Dawg’s site. Who decided Rear peg tricks were called Icepicks? THe Bicyce Film Festival page is updated, Big News, we will be premiering the Etnies Video “GROUNDED”
featuring the Etnies team, Including Aaron, Stew Johnson’s bike, and Taj and Joe. Should be an amazing video. Let us know what you think of the Commercial Joe Stakun made for it. Its pretty amazing. I met Joe, and he was doing xed up heel clickers, and then he send us a commercial with Pizza, and Huey Lewis and the News. What could possibly be better? I love that Lil guy. Now playing- Inside Out. “no spiritual surrender”

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