Double Vision!

Kenny and Kelly!

Kenny and Kelly Baker met for the first time last week, and shared some striking similarities in their lives, even though their personalities are wildly different. KB was stoked on Kenny’s VW paint job, which was what Kelly was rocking when I first met him and Toast over 20 years ago.
When I was 16 Kelly showed up at our jumps, with a potato cannon, and a graffitied out Beetle, shot the cannon, got drunk, and by default taught me how to drive a stick shift, in a car that had only 2 and 4th gear, so he could get home.
When I asked Kenny what it was like meeting KB for the first time, he simply replied ” that dude is a legend…” Indeed!
Mikey Corts filmed some stuff that we edited this week, Here a 2 versions of the same edit, let us know which one you like better, the easy listening, or the shithead remix version…

Kelly in the late 80s Kenny Yesterday! Guav sent over the pic on the right after seeing toast the other day- Ithaca circa 87! stoked!

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