Don’t Get Chumpatized….

MIckey, once again....

Lot’s of pics from the weekend, and lots of good stories… get around a campfire if you are lucky and have Kelly Baker tell you some of them. Kie Ashworth sent over a few pics from Australia, where he and Jamie Moore wreak havoc. Garret Guilliams and his brother Adam went to Milwaukee this weekend, and headbanged all over the 4 seasons park,while blasting awesome AIRS, and being nice guys. Mickey is still kicking it in upstate NY, hence the Mickeymania overflow lately, and he has been shredding, as well as stoking everyone out. Don’t get Chumpatized? What is Mr. Awesome? Grady Corbitt is awesome, I’ll tell you that much.

Kelly B. Big Jobs backyard, mickey M. Jammer Garret G. Kie Ashworth, killing it down under... Mr Awesome.

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