don’t Buy This…

If you noticed the 3 trailers we have for the new FBM Video, on The Come up site, VITALBMX or on BMXonline, then you might be wondering what the deal is with the video. It’s called “don’t Buy this” and its a 5 dollar DVD, not a full feature production, but it is a full DVD, just not in a traditional format, it’s informal,lighthearted and fun. Riders also in the DVD include Mike Tag, Mike Corts, Derrick Girard, Tony Hamlin, Dylan Cole, and more. The Bonus section has an old, semi obscure Albert Street Promo, I found on VHS in My closet, a handful of songs in live performances By Lucero, and Portals, and FBM road tip promo, a bunch of commercials from the past year and half, etc… Click Here to see Johnny Corts’ partial section. Tony Cardona also has a section posted on the Vinylbmx website, thats pretty awesome!
In case anyone was wondering, Aaron Ross does not have a part in this DVD, no Human in the world is capable of Puling off THAT MANY video parts, He just finished the Chill Bro section, and the Etnies Video, and is also working on the New Odyssey Video, so we are going to wait till he is done with those projects, and hopefully have something in the near future, sans bike throwing. We Heart AAron Ross Big Time! We also Have Chill Bro DVD/FBM shirt combo available in our online store. Now playing- Angry Samoans- “the Ballad of Jerry Curlan”

Originally Posted by Steve crandall