Dirt Jumping FunFest!

A bunch of Us met up at Mark Potoczny’s house outside of Pittsburgh, for the Square One Kill Yourself Jam. There are trails there, and they also built a 30 foot hucker people were shredding. Friday night was a party at some dance club with strobe lights, disco music, meatheads, slags, and cages. Bennet got in a fight, and some dude, bit his finger. For real. Saturday started with rain, and bunch of people standing around in the yard, getting restless. the rain let up and a bunch of apes dialed in the jumps, and a good day of riding ensued. Tons of characters in the house, including 4th grade, the credence crew, and tons of Pa., and Ohio riders… Dennis Enerson is 16 years old, and kind of freakish with how good he rides, triple whips, flip whips, etc… Chris doyle is simply retarded though, past 270 clicked turndown 3? Why Not, he even had his dog with him. A bunch of us stayed and camped out as well, Wild times into the AM, including Tony Cardona in full effect with Beer waterfalls, and the whole nine yards. Kelly Knocked himself silly, and broke his finger, jumping the hucker when it was still wet and soft. Later that night, he was sleeping in the driveway, and 4th grade actually ran him over, in a car. Pete was overheard yelling-‘You just ran over a legend” . It was a site… A lot went down, and alot of fun was had… I posted about 30 pics, check them out, and see for yourself!

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