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Todd Johnson Of QBP, bunny hopping it in the Minnesota spring weather, on a sweet looking Deployer. Nice! Brad Grantham/ Stowaway Press release-Stowaway Distribution is proud to announce the addition of a new FBM rider to the team. Brad Grantham’s irreverent and outspoken riding style is the perfect fit for FBMs image in Australia and New Zealand, Brad joins Kie Ashworth and Peter Koh on the FBM team. Check out the Stowaway Site for Mor Info. Jamie Moore Has things on lockdown, downunder. SPeaking of Australia, Chopper Forks are Back in stock at FBM, in 3/8″ and 14 MM, Call Last Call for info and availability. Bright Green Choppers are in route. Dylan Cole, and Chunk are stoked. East Coast Trail season is in progress, Gilly Sent some pics from posh, including east coast super Lgend, and Carmicheal Fan, Dan Bailey, AKA, Danny Boy. Stoked. Dunny Bunny is in the House as well. Pure art, that’s how I would describe the jump building process at Posh. Now Playing- The Crack Pipes- “super 8 Motel”

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