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We got several awesome things delivered to the FBM HQ Johnson City, NY this fine day. It wasn’t really a fine day, it was cruddy out. I don’t know if we are the hardest working dudes in the bike biz, but we may work in the worst conditions. Some times it’s not fun, that seems to be the hot shit right now anyway, denying the things you do are fun. That’s our new motto. FBM, the most non-fun havin’ mofos around, hell yeah!

The photos above and below show what came in today. Have a terrible weekend!

Stump posts with fancy shmancy clam shell packaging. Stove Pipe? Dave has been hemming up this monstrosity for John Lee this week. Yup, that split thing on the left is the seat tube. Google TNT Stove Pipe. This is a custom Take based on the Time frame. We'll be launching a detailed custom frame program shortly, keep 'em peeled for it. Micro hooded drop outs, the stays have yet to be mitered. One advantage to these is the stays can come in at various angles and different tubing diameters can be used on the same drop. Testing will be in progress soon. Lotus forks also back in stock. Totally bad ass. This hand painted Jack Daniel's bottle is one of the latest entries in the Art Ain't Ill-Eagle contest. Words escape me. Jesus cranking a turndown.

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