Dave King aint Shitty!

Dave King update- Dave is awesome. We ended up at the Little Devil Warehouse, and shot some pics with Dave, who was shredding it hard. The guys at Trans am, Orchid and Little Devil have one of the most amazing ramp setups in the warehouse, and they were also kind enough to show us around and let us ride. Thanks to scary little Derrick Adams. They even had an oulaw Jesse James blow up doll, and a Miniature Don Vito for our enjoyment. Stoked. Dave’s friend, Aaron, AKA Donny, shredded as well, whiel Tunney rode Flatland near the loading Dock. Goodtimes. Cameron Wood is in Utah right now, heres a pic of Him and berringer. Berringer is the king of fun, and master of the Snowbike. Aaron Ross is in New Zealand on an Odyssey trip, heres a clip of him on the Woozy site. When Aaron gets back, we’ll have some pics to post from his trip, as well as some other goodies. New Autopilot Colors are in stock as well. Now playing- The Bomb- “faith anymore”

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall