Dave King aint Shit?

With Brawlin at the Belmar coming up very shortly, Dave King has shown up to get the ball rolling on the course, which will include awesomeness and double heck yeah funtimes. Click on the link, a download for a waiver is now available on that page! We’ll keep you posted as that develops. Dave’s most recent handywork includes the Elevation course, and random celebrity cameo updates on Axel rad website, made by TreebO! Its probably one of the more interesting sites I have seen in a while. A unique, and mildly neckless perspective to say the least. Gilly just built some jumps near the Rock And Roll hall of fame, and got to have lunch with Fuzzy, Eddie Money, and Eddie Murphy, who are filming a movie in Cleveland, with Alice Cooper. They are all fans of Extreme sports, and dirt jumping. Gilly Says Eddie Murphy was funnier in real life than in the Nutty Professor. Cameron Wood wa snot available for comment.

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Dave King Ain’t Shit?

Dave King just returned from Puerto Rico with Derrick Girard. Derrick is now headed to Turkey, to film a reality TV show based out of England, with Leland. I have no idea if he realizes how Gnarly Turkey is, I asked him what he was up to, and he just said, “I’m about to buy a ticket to Turkey, is that near Pakistan…?” New Colorways of Chanticleer Barends are in stock, they do not come with pictures of Chain Male, but I can probaly post some after the weekend. Friday is shop shout out day, and today we got a flyer from Gregat XXX in Tennessee, they are having a comp so peep that. Kore bikes in Tempe Arizona has the new Barends en route, and rep FBM, so give Ryan over there a shout. Brian at Joe Fix It in Goshen NY, has been kicking ass lately too, word up. Thanks guys. Bobby Parker From Iowa city is also holding a comp, the flyer is posted. TGIF.

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