Damge inc.

DMC may or not be the first person to do a 900 on an FBM, but he sure as hell did one this weekend, riding a PW Moto, with Phil right there watching with some TV headgear on. Stoked. New Bicycle Union stickers came in, “blow up SOMEONE ELSES car, ride a bike” HA! Tony, Dane and Aaron Ross are with Stew
Johnson filming an etnies trip, while I soak my leg in a bucket of Ice, and dare to recall a doctor sticking his finger 2 knuckles deep into my leg. FingerBanginMania. Gross. Lil Flip from Albes sent this pic of his 10 month old kid, Lil lil Flip, Manualing his first rail. They start them early in Michigan. Now playing-Portals – “Ballsy Move”

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