Curtis Cantwell- 440 volts!

Tell us about the KIR video premiere and jam- how was the response?

We had a really good turnout. People threw down at the street jam and then enjoyed some free pizza thanks to Chad. I think everyone there actually enjoyed the video too, which was a plus haha.

How long did you film for 440 volts?

We started filming in September of 2016 and finished filming about ten days before the premiere. We cut it real close, but we got it done and had the dvds made just in time.

Any personal highlights or low points?

Highlights were getting to watch and film my friends progress, going on trips, making new friends, and all the time we spent eating pizza in between filming clips. Low point for me was definitely the few months after getting KO’d at Virginia Tech, trying to regain my confidence to ride scary spots. After a while I realized i was trying to hard to film “bangers” and once i chilled out and focused on just having fun, it all came back.

Favorite section?

That’s a tough one, but I would have to say Stone and Jojo’s split part. Neither of them had ever had a legit video part before, but they really put in some work for this. I’m so stoked on how their part turned out. Stone will tell you he is the worst rider in Richmond, but we all know that’s the opposite of the truth! So glad I got to become good friends with these dudes over the last year of filming.

Any shout outs?

Shoutout to Donnie for putting up with all my nitpicking, Chad Powers for letting us have the premiere at his shop and buying everyone pizza, every one of the skaters and bike riders that busted their ass for this video, my parents for paying my medical bills, anyone that bought a shirt or dvd, and everyone that came out to the premiere, y’all are the best!

Thank you, Crandawg!

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