Cornbread, Earl and Me!

Not much news to report, Its Feb. and happy hearts day. Cameron Wood is full of heart, here is a pic of him and some Sea Lions, We Love Cameron. Cameron Loves Fun, it works out all right. Chain Male, sans Chain, while Derrick Girard has a laugh, heck yeah. Valentines Day. Woohoo. I love my Bicycle, so thanks to Big Dave and the guys in the machine shop for making a kick ass red bike for me to enjoy. While we are on the topic of love, besides Heavy Metal, and the Die Hard trilogy, the Corts Brothers love to eat, today they went to a Mexican Buffet at Margeritas, and ate so much, they had to listen to that crappy Skatman song. Sick. Seriously, I saw John eat so much, I almost got sick. Thats news. Not really. Shanton Wilson does do a flip over a 4 wheeler with Catfish over the weekend though, and Catfish Loves Lou Bickle, Lou Bickle is so crazy, he has understands things like these news blurbs that I post. Its all one big retarded circle of stupidity. Anyhow, softgoods should be at your local shop by now, peep that shit, and the Animal video should be out this week as well, and its a banger. If anyone has anything actually important going on, let us know. Albany BMX jam is this weekend I think, sorry I Can’t go guys, gotta go to the Twin Cities…. Steven Pearcy of Ratt isplaying in Ohio, so expect Team Major Air to be out for that as well.

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall