Coloradical Van party.

We drove through Colorado on the way to vegas, it had snowed in the Rockies, giving us plentyt of amazing scenery to look at. the quote “that John Denver is full of shit…” was repeated enough that we had to pull over and ride some parks, which was cool, except the altitude made us all dizzy and had us breathing like we had just smoked a pack of newports each. Tony H was flipping out over snow in september, and threw a snowball at us while we loaded the van, only to hit the people next to us and freak them out. Captain Fun had to show up and diffuse the situation. If you want to see some footy of Tony H with the FBM UK team, go to the 4down site and download the Video of the Berlin trip, its sweet. You can get it for your Ipod as well. Stairmasters have shown up in Greece, looking nice. Derrick has been emailing from Germany, he says the women are hot and so is the beer….HA! We’ll be in Vegas this week, if you want to see some of the new FBM shit, swing by the QBP booth, we’ll also have a Limited Edition Stairmaster built up in the Odyssey booth. Party.

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