CB4ks now in 28mm

HOT OFF THE PRESSES- FBM CB4ks in 28 mm Offset!

a Brief history of this fine FBM product, Voted by the USBMXA as the ‘MOST GANGSTA FORKS’ and used widely by riders who demand the best- CB4Ks is Pronounced SEA-BEE-FORKS!

Featuring: A one piece CNC machined steerer tube, Roasted heat treated straight gauge legs, Roasted heat treated 3/16″ laser cut dropouts that are angled at the bottom for grind clearance, a compression bolt that accepts a 6mm hex key for easy installation and removal, and clearance for 2.4″ tires.

CB4ks also available in 35mm offset– Handbuilt in the FBM Machine Shop!