Catching up with Kenny Horton!


This dude is proof you don’t have to be part of the herd, aimlessly following and wandering the world, this is a BMX rider, a Man with Wolves blood in a world filled with Sheep. We asked this FBM Pro Rider a few questions, and shot a few snaps of him riding around his neighborhood.

Name- Kenny Horton

Current location – Austin, TX

Who have you been riding with and what’s got you stoked lately!? – I’ve been riding with my roommates (Dave and Neil the Nihilist) and other Austin locals.

Any good Dave stories?– Dave is drunk right now screaming about making T-shirts with joint holders.

Any Favorite BMX videos in recent history?– Credence “feel my chest muscles, I’m a trail builder” has a great soundtrack and bad ass riding.

What about FBM gets you stoked?– FBM is the only thing BMX has left.

Generally, people have more faith in what they imitate than in what they originate. Since ’93, FBM has always been an originator. Never existing to cater to the current trends. Having a true passion for hand building American made bikes is an art and true art has no public, no concern for what impression is being made, which is the only way to artistic freedom. FBM is a living monument to true BMX, in all its freedoms and forms. Support BMX.- Kenny Horton


Kenny Horton -FBM- Summer 2015 from FBM BMX on Vimeo.








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