Cameron Wood Wins Wednesday!

For some reason, Fuzzy Hall has been emailing me pics of Cameron Wood quite often, I would be stoked enough, just to here from that dude, but when he includes cool pics of Cam, I get extra stoked. The boys in Utah love to jump through trees… Sweetbaby Tarbell sent over a snap of him riding a pool, in the Bigglestown aream looks like fun. Surfing the net, landed me on Devon Hutchins website, where this super awesome pic of Aaron Ross was chilling. Read the story about the bum, on Devdawgs notes, pretty funny. Jeremy Pavia has updated his photo site as well, pic of Tony Cardona from Bakers Acres, taken by J. Pavia, last summer. The king of all the photo Apes, Christopher Daniel Hallman has recent pics posted, this one is of Chicago Mikey ANNIHILATING the corner at t1, he was going 577 mph when Hallman shot that pic. In other news, the Etnies Premiere, at the Bicycle Film Festival is going to be at about 1:30 pm, in the afternoon on Saturday the 19th, we’ll be showing an FBM promo, prior, and then after doing the Bunny hop Comp, with Cash Prizes, and free shoes from Duffs. Everyone has been hyping up the NYC Legend known as Big James, as being the Bunnyhop Master of the world, but if Deuce shows up, all bets are off…. Todays soundtrack, Somewhere between the Replacements album, “sorry ma! forgot to take out the trash!” and Mad World by Tears for fears….

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