Cam turns 21, Rf ends….

Happy Birthday today to Cameron Wood… for his bithday, we stole a 60 year old crackhead and took the both of them to Matt Hanes’ strip joint in Ft. Wayne. It was a doozy. I also Turned 21 with Matt in Ft. Wayne, over 10 years ago, Yikes. Prior to the Birthday celebrating, we rode an amazing skatepark in Kokomo Indiana, until it poured rain. It was awesome, I got a chance to watch the big guns ride crazy cement, and I took a couple runs on the elbowed fullpipe, Nothing crazy, but It made me smile. The Road Fools 15 is now over, 10 days with 20 dudes is something else, and I had a lot of Fun. THe crew was great, and Tony Cardona stole a bowl of lollipops to give to everyone as a parting gift. Cameron and I are headed to teh CFB now, which should be good, Hopefully Matt Hoffman will be riding, and the temperature will only be in the double digits, but either way, its gonna be a hoot. More news later….

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