Bone Deth, WOW!

Bone Deth, which was cancelled, then re-uncancelled, and then kind of cancelled again, was somewhat of a cross between an assault on my senses, and an assault on sensibility. New Bedford made Binhamton and Johnson City look like Beverly Hills, and the site of the Jam, looked like a cross between a swamp, a blown up brick factory, and an upside down ghetto comp. I dont like to see kids get mauled, but it was cool watching dudes pull shit, anbd hear the people watching roar, when something went down. At one point Matt Plassman knocked himself out, and the cops rolled in at about the same time, during which Chunk yelled “if I’m going to jail, all these Mfers are going to jail…”. For some reason the cop heard it, looked at him in both disgust, and disbelief, and told him he could not be drinking beer. Chunk put his beer down, someone lit off fireworks, the cops freaked, some dude fell on rebar and hit his head open, and the show was over…..

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall