BMX News Update?

Chunk might not look like the same dude that was in The Big Lebowski, but it’s true. He is a star. Aaron Ross is currently in the NYC area filming for Empire so that Bonnie won’t Bite his ass. Joel Moody is on the case. Tony Cardona will also be filming for that video, In the meantime he is in Illinois making pizza at Domino’s. In other Team News, Leif Valin is telling a joke somewhere as we speak, and He is the only one who knows it. Cameron Wood is landing Flat somewhere in Utah, and Tony Hamlin is listening to some loud hell music in Rochester New York, and Mike Tag is in Ithaca playing pool. Derrick Girard is in Maine recooping from his European vacation, where he’ll be next, no one knows….

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall