BMX Bicycles?

One of the biggest Apes in History, Magilla Gorilla, is still blasting after all these years. Gilly Smalls, aka Jeremy Reiss is featured in a small interview in the new Ride Magazine. Mike Tag is also featured in that issue killing a 2 page feeble grind in the Face. Gilly, shown pulling flatty’s, was celebrating what may have been the last trail session of the season in Pennsyltucky. I’ll try and give you a brief list of the lunatics shredding down there, 80’s world Champ Chase Didget was in the house with a crew, one of which included a guy named Adam, with a beard, a do-rag, roca wear pants, and late nineties dirt jump comp tricks all day long. Drew Jenkins and Danny “boy” Baily were destroying, as was Jay Lonegran, Dave King, Chickenwrap, Chris Stauffer, Brian Yagle, Chris Doyle, Ryan Barratt, Tazzy leigh, Derek Girard, Huge Ape Nutter, Van Homan, Ryan Green, Clint Reynolds ,Matt Treebo, Dan Rue, Murph, a bunch of local shredders, and even the Wildman himself Todd Lyons, it was nuts. Dave King rode real good, and cooked us a wonderful curried vegetable dinner. Bethlehem is full of kooks, check the pics for proof, one guy kept following us around, and pissed in a closet, another one was just scary, actually they both were. It was awesome. Shanton Wilson and dane Wild went to the flow comp, both qualified for the finals.Rock and Roll Bike Party.

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall