Blogging Hard? or Hardly Blogging…..?

Tibbs at the Final Ghetto comp. Hallman Pic!

This photo is from a few years ago, at the last ghetto comp, the Mother of the Ghetto Big air we are doing in October. Hallman created this art, both the amazing photo of Tibbs, and the Pallet Masterpiece of a huge ghetto bowl ramp. The Dude is a genius, a ghetto renaissance madman.
Sam Shlappi sent over some great pics from the Belmar Jam, Thanks Sam, some of the best shots from the weekend, and Man, Doyle is something else. For a Local news broadcast, check this Link. Pretty funny.

Dan P Simer The D man Fisher, pre Annihilation to the head.... BF, the peoples champ! Boogie.... I think this is downtown Cody Brown- Sam Shlappi pics

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Blogging Hard? or Hardly Blogging…..?

Mickey in Memphis by Bryce toole

Mickey Marshal is currently in Memphis, taking the long way to Louisville, to meet up next week for the Gypsy trip, I am looking forward to that one… Cameron Wood will be in the house, as well as Chunk, AKA John Tillman, and a special guest appearance by Ken Musgrave. Mike Tag, is heading to Vegas, to play pool in a competition. He won the trip there for shooting 9 ball, or something, and is scheduled for a photo shoot with Paul Newman. A few pics from the Circuit bmx party… Vic Bettencourt is a nice guy. MOving is still in progress at FBM, coming together slowly, but it should be worth the hard work… keep tuned, more news soooon!

Whiskey Don Houle... Circuit bmx party Circuit BMX Getting ready for the gypsy tour Mike Tag heading to Vegas, before the Gypsy trip JP still stunned. Captain Fun will be on tour next week. Have Fun at Ray's.....

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