Prism goodness.

Typical Wednesday at FBM’s HQ, Johnson City, NY, except the weather isn’t completely turdy other than a few drizzles. A batch ‘o Exodus ST’s came back from paint today and we received new Anywhere shirts from our dudes at American Icon Screen Printing.

Team shenanigans from last week captured on video, more to come soon. Check the high quality version here:ESPN.

One more reason our frames cost more: I'm positive my pay is slightly higher than the old ladies I've seen stickering frames in Taiwan. John Lee models Anywhere he feels like. Stack 'em high, watch 'em fly. Veg Power tank mods. If you need it Tig welded, we've got the machines and the manpower. New shop bike Dave brought back from the farm in IL. 80s Schwinn Predator. John Lee's Cycle Craft. Doing work.

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