Big News Friday!

Tom Blyth is currently giving the Slipknot Soundtrack rest and is Riding In Sheffield, i am sure the Ipod is releasing some scorching tracks as we speak, and his brother is definitely rocking on a flying V guitar. Tom Blyth Rail Slide in Rotterdam. MC Carpet is working on setting up a Rap Metal Fusion track with Tom’s Band. Or at least thats the Rumor. Garret Guilliams sent over some sweet pics of a tiny baby mustache, and some shredding from him and his friends. Badass. possibly even BADASHELL! Keep your eyes peeled for more from Garret, he is something else. Leif Valin sent over some art as well, on of a Daschund, and a photo, titled “Rambo got a DUI” . Stunning.

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall