Big Dave announces today is officially

Ratty Old Dirty Dev Dog down in Austin sent up this pic of Tony Cardona to celebrate “Tony Cardona is sweet” Day. Devon takes some nice pics so peep his site, I stole the self portait he shot off the site. Trails are the big hit this spring, Dudes are building jumps everywhere, could this be a revival? Clint Reynolds emailed, said they already hit the jumps in NH, the Kennedy’s crew has been on teh hustle, and Buno opened up Bakers Acres this weekend, by sliding the handrail (the jumps are still wet). Gilly and teh Pennsylvania digging brigade are also on the job, and I am sure the Minersville crew is on top of things. Kieth Terra even said he was digging. Bakers acres are some god damned tuff, you’ll get your asked kicked by a 5 year old if you take a break from the shovel. Kelly celebrated Benny whooping my ass, by taking his kids to see Brett Marshal at a the circus in Newark Valley. Mike Tag is finally shipping out the Shitluck Video, after 3 years of technical difficulties. If you can read Japanese, I got an Interview in a magazine over there. I can not, so I have no idea what it says. Now playing- Descendents- “Im not a loser”

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