Big Apes.

Rob Tibbs, Exodus STyle with Big apes.

Rob Tibbs called me and asked if I wanted to shoot a couple pictures at the bike lot, he was stoked to try out the Big Apes he just put on with the Nice Stem. He then Mentioned that Johnson City NY had taken over his bike, and smiled. Cool.
Happy Valentine’s day folks… I love My Bicycle….!

Rob Likes bikes. SSDA MaTT Conner of RPG, Friday the 13th B-day, Built himself a ramp for turning 37! Joey J. of FLA. Boat Burner

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Big Apes!

New Buckles out soon!

A new buckle sample showed up, it should be available shortly, a nice brassed out Ape. Stoked. Brass is the new copper. Or something. I didn’t have the scale handy to show if its weight, but its light as shit. I’ve been lucky enough to get out to Bakers Acres a couple times recently, and shot a few pics of the guys, Trails Rule! Sweet Baby also sent over a couple of nice pics of Binghamton Shredder, Greggg, riding a stairmaster, and shredding the Gnar. In other news, It’s thursday, don’t Call John Lee after 8, he’ll be watching his programs….

Kelly Baker, early in the season, enjoying some laps at the Trails....Classic style! Jammer Baker, loose as a goose, sleeveless style. Fisher on a mission, smoothed out 360 Red Bike,Gold Helmet, Gold Stem, Gold forks, Fishty Cent Yo! Stay Gold! Same Shit Different angle. Timeless tuck style. Greg, stairsetsession-Pic by Sweet Baby nIce Guy. deah!

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