Belmar Results… and a few pics

Mike Hucker Clark, Bar Hump 360, Sweet Baby pics....

After recovering from a wild weekend, where I feel like i must have only eaten red bull and beer, the Belmar once again proved itself to be an amazing and ridiculous wonderland for BMX, partying, and good times amongst bmx enthusiasts. I don’t even have the event straight in my head yet, its blurry, and of course it was manic with weather making it almost a no go… but regardless, as I sit here typing, looking at the judging sheets, and the tallied results amongst mud and beers stains, and hand drawn doodles of middle fingers and beer cans, I , along with everyone I saw, am smiling and looking back at a great weekend.
Judges were Brien Kielb of Albany, Shady Grady Corbitt, and Vic Bettencourt of Circuit BMX…
Here are the Am results to 10th place-
10.-Randy Spoon
9.-Bob Snyder
8.-Ryan Souva
7.-Will Powell
6.-Kyle Hubbard
5- Mikey Corts
4.-Matt Mueller
3.-Scott Desimas
2.-Justin Baker AKA JAMMMER
1.-Ryan Went

Pro Finals-
10.-Cody Brown
9.-Garret Guilliams
8.-Mark Potoczny
7.-Dan Foley
6.-Chris Childs
5.-Van Homan
4-.Dan Psimer
3.-Brian Foster
2.-Clint Reynolds
1.-Chris Doyle

Here area few pics that sweet baby hooked us up wit, stay tuned for a Vitalbmx edit, and a Props Section By Stew Johnson….
thanks to Big Job, Jammer and the Crew for helping out this weekkend, Dave King and Nutter for building… Josh from red Bull for making it happen, Evan and the Recycles crew for helping out with the premiere, and cleanup, Thanks to Darryl Nau for helping with the anounncing….all the guys at FBM for the hard work making the weekend possible, and most of all thanks to all the riders and spectators for showing up and participating in another memorable weekend….

Cody Jennings of 2x4, inagural beer chug to start the comp.

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