Bathroom Graffiti!

Lucero Played a show in Buffalo, a few of went and checked it out. The girls bathroom had some interesting sideshow antics as well as some sweet graffiti. We met up with the Lady from the back of the previous FBM zine, and Jim Cielinski was seen perfecting his upside innovative slash grinds on the sprinkler system pipes during “kiss the Bottle”. Maybe that was someone else. Who Knows, It was a good time though. Gilly Cam is in Full effect. Here are some Northeast trail building pics, courtesy of Gilly, Dave King is shown on his Cell phone, calling up Fuzzy to try and get some better weather for us up here. Its been a real shitstorm this spring. Treebo! 4Down has some team bio’s posted on the site, if you navigate around you can see Tom Blyth’s info, and also find your way over to the Attilla website, where Tom has some more pics, including some of him and his Band. No other news…Now Playing- the Devil is electric- “the devil and my family”

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall