Bakers Acres jump off….

Aprils fools day was exactly that, a bunch of fools in the woods with chainsaws, shovels, wheelbarrows, and fire pit with food cooking on it. Lots of building went down, including Snake and Bugsy’s quickrete rail section. Kelly Baker is better at telling funny stories than he is at cutting trees down, as he almost got us killed by getting them caught up, rather than falling over. He does that shit every year. Tree climbing challenges are the new fad though, climbing up them and hanging off as they lean over.At any rate, thats the news form the weekend, A bunch of dudes hung out in the woods building jumps, and laughing our asses off. It was pretty fun, Chunk tended to the grill, JR tended to the 30 pack, and Berger, and his crew even showed up and dug. Vic Bettencourt wore a nice argyle sweater. Relevant news some other time…..

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall