Baker Family Visit

It's always a treat to have the Bakers stop by, the kids got crazed on Red Bull and then headed to the local skatepark to burn off some energy.

Kelly and his brood stopped by the FBM Head Quarters in un-beautiful Johnson city today to pick up a Marauder complete. We donated a bike to help raise money for the Nicholas Wilson Memorial Bike Park fund. They are having an event to raise money and awareness on May 9th in Trout Ponds, Newark Valley, go HERE for more info.

Have a spectacular weekend, and as always, keep the rubber side down and injuries to a minimum.

The new FBM Trail Mud Packer with fixed head tube and perfect lip shaping ergonomics. Scientifically balanced. No effort. If you need steel or alloy tanks of any sort, give us a call. Don't forget the Brawlin' @ the Belmar Final Round is coming up in August.

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