Ba Ba Ra Ra Cu Cu Da Da!

derrick G. on the Ride to Glory tour in the UK

Derrick Girard is with one of t he teams in the UK, on the ride to glory tour, I think…He sent these pice via telepathy. A couple of pics from the Bike Lot in Richmond of Evan Venditti, during the rain. magrudergrind and Phobia show minutes later….In the rain. Ever wonder what’s going on in Florida? Ask Cottle and Joey. J. those guys are stunning. Tunney sent over a pic from the big Race this past weekend in NYC, of supes, totally elbowing some guy in the nuts… Wormz and the old guy squad all got top 20. Stoked. Barracuda!

is this Derrick G. riding to glory? The Corts Bros... Cottle Evan V. rainy Bowl session whats up with Florida? Florida.... Joey J! Wormz, peeping Super, who can throw a man elbow... NYC race!

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