Avoid Future Regret!

Old Dave Pic, found in a closet.

Dave King is one of the most unique and fun people to hang out with. He has My name tattooed on him, as well as Ron Shitcalf’s.I found this pic of Dave riding Little devil that was shot in 97 or 98 I think. We were going to do a dave king airfreshener a while back, but for some reason, it never happened. Anyrate, He rules, as does Kelly Baker who went to highschool with these hessians, who look a lot older and more weathered than he does. We got some pivitol posts and what not in stock, as well as these 2 old pics, one of Edog and Red, the other of Gilly riding some trails in Denver years ago that Forgash shot. I think the pic was run in a Ride US article about how awesome gilly is. Now Playing- ‘Gospeed’ – Swiz.

For an extra fresh aroma. This is a band called Hammrd... I think Kim and Kelly went to High School with them,,, New Stump posts in stock! This is Sid and nancy. Archived Gilly pic. He likes fun, and doesn't like shitty stuff.

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