Austin Wildlife?

Where the wild things are at? Guitar hero, this popular phenomenom is sweeping Aaron Ross’ living room. I am stunned at this invention. My visit to ATX may not be as wild as some of the years previous, But I met O-dog at Empire and saw a huge water rat near the 9th street trails. I also saw a bunch of turtles at Town Lake, or the Colorado river, or whatever the hell it is. Turtles haul ass. Ralph Sinisi from Animal is one sweet dude, and after selling 5 million New Era hats, he celebrated by putting together a new blue Autopilot. Mark tanner and Tom Blyth are riding for a company in the UK caled Faded Life. In other news, Binghamton was in a state of Emergency again for the 2nd or third time this year due to rain and flooding. Dave fabricated some k9 water wings for Curtis, and the rest of the guys did hangfives on a front wheel bike, all around the warehouse, eating shit one at a time. Lief had a birthday this week, so happy oldster to him, and anyone else who had one as well….

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