Austin Video Premiere

Steve Crandall, Shown here consulting with “Sugar” Ray Reezenbelter, World Demo Derby Champ from ’74-’86, has been getting ready for next weeks Apefest that Kink put together. Dane Wild came down from Michigan, and let us know that Flip from Albe’s is planning on pouring cement in his bumpers, and to be careful. Dane will be around all week, making sure John Corts is on his toes. The Empire car will be Driven by Aaron Ross, who also plans on taking the Gold, check him out after FBM wins, at the Video Premiere in Austin at the Ritz next week. In other news, Gilly and Dave King are off in a few days to build a dirt jump at the Xgames. This year its only 1 jump, and its a 40 foot step down with a 3 foot tall landing. winner takes all. Rumors of ESPN putting up 2 cases of Big Bear if Deuce can 180 it. Leonard Foster will be in the house.

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