Mike Tag, upon his return from Europe, has been doing some R and D, on some new stuff from FBM, as well as filming for a Shitluck video to be out later this summer. Here he is busting a Toothpick at the pool in Ithaca. Phil Wasson is getting better after shoulder surgery, and should be riding again shortly. He is also sketching up new ideas for FBM hardgoods while he heals up, and drinking coffee. Ryan Corrigan is currently in Joplin Missouri with Wessal, TY Styvusant and Burly Matt, building a park at the bridge, where Phil’s brother works. Ty apparently was bored in Joplin, and called PW at 3am, after a few too many Beverages, and some antagonizing from RC. Drunk Dial 2005. Big Dave is off in Jersey picking up the Last Call Van, after the transmission shit the bed on the way to Animal last week. Thats was a financial disaster. Not as much of a disaster as my computer has been though, FBM Video in slight delay after smoke was coming out of the external hard drive… It should be at the duplicator shortly though. Big news on the Nissan Sentra stolen from Gilly Smalls, aka Magilla. The cops found his car, and he is getting it back. Some local hooligans were using it to go steal more cars, and the case was uncovered by None other than an Undercover Dunny, and his sidekick Deuce, who are working part time with the Pennsylvania State Police Investigators. Gilly will likely drive the Sentra to Philly later this summer to build the dirt course for the Gravity Games, at FDR? huh…..

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