Anti social Networking…

New Improved internets for more and betterer shittalks.

After a cup of coffee, an RSS feed of Instant breakfast, and a seemingly endless onslaught of mundane details about bicycle culture, boring updates, dressed up as big news, and neverending attempts to increase web traffic, I usually spend the rest of my day avoiding actual human interaction and productivity.
If you are having trouble finding the time to get to the FBM site (you are actually on it now..) you can check out various web communities, it’s great. Here are some of them….
-FBM ‘s Myspace

-Smiley Facebook of FBM

-Uhhh Twitter

FBM Vimeo Archive

We’ll be on the road next week, if you want to meet some of us in real life, head on over to Orchid Headquarters for the kick off of the Gypsy Caravan 2our with these dudes…

-Team Major Air
Re Cycles/JnkFD
Super BMX
Liquor Bikes
Savage south
Circuit BMX
Keep posted throughout the tour, to find out where we’ll be, because we have no idea… Possibly in da Ocean.

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