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I asked what people thought FBM Meant on Our Social Media and got a couple interesting replies

This one from the world famous GroundChuck- “So much more than bikes. Fun, freedom, self expression, happiness, joy, pain, creativity, motivation. The list goes on and on. Mostly, FBM just makes life a little bit better…”

And this one from Al Boneta- “FBM is more than one element of a company, it’s more of a philosophy. It’s always been about a group of friends creating something together, not for fame or money, but for a pure love of BMX. Because of that, it has survived tragedies that have been the end of other BMX companies. My first inclination of this being more than a BMX company was when I first met Tag at Chenga World, I was too scared to try this wall ride and he encouraged me to go for it and when I pulled it he gave me an FBM shirt.”

We do a lot at FBM, out of our passion to create, a need to develop sustainability in a tough business climate, and sometimes just because… Take second to scope some of the stuff we make, whether it be frames, furniture parts, custom builds, ramps with tree coping, events, videos, wild road trips and beyond.

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At the end of August, we opened the doors at FBM HQ and the FBM Machine Shop to bring our community together for a good time, and to try and show in part why it’s still important that we do manufacturing in the U.S.
John Corts started demonstrating some of the steps (pictured) to making a bicycle in a Ithaca Ny, right there in front of the crowd, while I explained the merits of hand building, quality control, using certified materials and how the people that ride these bikes, are the same people that build them, design them, sell them, and how being a part of the BMX Community is almost exactly WHY it’s important, and special, and totally awesome. Without all of that, where it’s built is secondary, but to be able to interact with riders on every level, to ride these amazing bikes with everyone, and be able to see the smiles we help build, is in it’s essence -the American Dream. FBM Is for the People…

Inside the FBM Bike Company Warehouse from FBM BMX on Vimeo.