American Dreaming


The American dream, to build, to create, to exist within a community, where building bicycles is also a metaphor for building friendships, and working together to make the best product we can, is a result of a shared sacrifice, to share our hearts with the world.

We don’t just build bike parts, each product, each event, every person we meet, every smile we see, and all the good times, are part of our version of building the American dream.

They say to build with your hands, makes you a laborer, but to build with your hands, and your heart makes you an artist.

FBM bike company, manufacturing our own reality, building smiles, The Art of Fun.

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Many have said the essence of BMX is participation, whether it be riding, facilitating events, building spots or in the case of FBM, all the above as well as a hands on approach to making bikes in our machine shop.

If you take a second to look at these photos, you will get a glimpse at the attention to detail, and the commitment to quality FBM puts forth on every product we put our name on.

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