Aaron Ross is a Huge ape.

While us northerners are chilling, literally, watching Spinal tap over and over, Aaron Ross is Killing it down in Texas. Today he was on his way to go murder Austin, and probably hangout with Pierre Pierros 3. Ratty shitty Adam and DevDog, who spent the afternoon taking pictures of Aaron from a hot air balloon, called and said He looked great on his new Pw that he is riding in fancy Green. It was easy to spot from 230 feet in the air. After speaking with John Povah, We also learned that Aaron is on flow from Etnies now, and possibly filming for an upcoming DVD, filmed by none other than Austin’s own Food Boy, Stew Johnson. Stew, who is originally from the outskirts of Fort Wyane Indiana, worked 3rd shift at Classic Screen printing, with Gilly and Myself, in the early 90’s, and has a brother who was ina rock band called “lemoneyes”. Stoney who also worked there with us, was a big fan. I had a lot of coffee this morning, sorry, I ain’t tryting to make fun Stew. Stew is one of our favorites at FBM, His lasting contributions to BMX include 1201, Lights out, Anthem, and alot of the past few years of Road Fools, etc.. If you never got to see 1201, and are not sure who Wilbur Barrick is, do some research. You might enjoy it. Neon Chinese alphabet soup represent.

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall