Aaron Ross bunny hops Flavor Flav

Aaron Ross update- He loves to get Awesome! Tony Hamlin rode the Little Devil warhouse this weekend, and I stole this pic of him from Van Homan. Oh shit. Tony Loves to kill the shit out of bowl corners. Chase Hawk airs ramps good, but hates when Dave King tries to stuff him in small spaces.Corey Martinez scared John Tillman so bad that he got staff infection really bad, and almost died from blood poisoning. John had this to say-“They stuck this huge needle in my ass, it hurt so bad, IT STILL hurts, and they said I wouldn;t have made it through the night… that needle though, they did it 3 times, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.”
John is healing up though, thankfully. OBMX has some Questions posted on their site, that they asked me last week, afterwards, Mike Cottle, Dave Erecitano and half of Orlando got drunk and called me in the middle of the night. Luckily I was playing Mini Golf, at a treasure Island themed golf course, getting a whole in one. Now Playing- Dag Nasy- “All ages show”

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