A golden breed.

42 year old Kelly Baker, at the Acres, early upstate spring session

Some people may have noticed a resurgence of sorts, in the popularity of trails, but to the people building and riding jumps, it’s not a recycled trend in the fishbowl of bmx culture, it’s a way of life, unwavered by popular opinion, and though not always in the limelight, its always been a spectacle.
Sometimes compared to surf culture, rider’s are dedicated, patient, and in tune with the elements. Like soul riders, and old school long boarders, many trail riders exist outside fashion, trends, rewards outside the process, and show a devotion to the sport by making it the central focus of their lives. Often times building the jumps, spending time in solitude, in the woods, is just as rewarding as the feeling of weightlessness midway through a section.
Anyrate, riding is riding, none more important than any other. Today’s shout outs are to all the dudes getting off work, heading into the woods, and doing things their own way, for their own reasons. BMX!

Smith on a rail. typical handrail scenario. Hoey helping shape. Kelly Baker! My pick for the official dirt jump/ trail build master title. Gilly- POSH! JEEEEEEEEZ Tommy T,

Originally Posted by Steve Crandalls