Micky M....

Wednesday 5’s, keeping with the long standing wednesday tradition at FBM, we are posting top 5’s, today we have 2 item lists, one consisting of 5 photos of the Ginch Brothers and Mickey Marshal from the savage south tour, and the second being top 5 uses for beans.
1- Bean Burritos, they often taste great, and refried beans compliment any dish!
2-Coffee. enough said.
3-Tofu, made from soybean curd, a wonderful vegetarian option for great food at many eateries.
4- Hummus, garbanzo beans, samshed to the bajeebus, a fantastic appetizer or snack.
5- Bean bags, so comfy….

Bean Burrito.... Coffeeeeeee! Tofu, stir fried with veggies, awww ya! Hummus, boo yes! Bean Bags.

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