50 50 vid premiere….

FBM super bad ass, Cameron Wood is putting together a showing of the new FBM video Friday night at 50/50 in Utah. Go chill with him, Berringer, Elf , Fuzzy, Aitken, and the rest of the Utah Gangstas, and party it up. On the Opposite side of the Country, Mike Tag and C-Diddy went to NYC for a hot minute, and hung out with Bob Skurbo, Vinnie Scammin, Wormz, and Rondell. the Gezpacho Paparazzi shot a last second photo of Bobby Bob eating shit trying pullups, only 15 feet from a large print “big Pun” xxL t-shirt. Broon sticks can not hold the weight of a fully grown man, especially after free Red Stripes. More news in a split second….

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