Heres a picture of Fisher riding the Aquarium in Chattanooga, I stole Dolecki’s flash, and blew up the spot. Its not a magazine cover but it looks cool for a point and shoot, and Fisher is a sweet dude. Scott Towne shown with Kelly and I, is also a sweet dude, he runs Deliverance , Reps for sole Tech, is a father, is 41 years old, and still rips on a bike. He is also the man responsible for helping raise a bunch of money for Ken Schneider, who is a long time supporter of BMXers in the Ohio/ Michigan area. Stranger in Ohio? Ain’t too many stranger than Shanton Wilson, here he is with Don Vito of all people. Look for new Shanton Pics and bike check posted this week. Lil Billy Ashby in Louisville, one of the Stars of the new Shitluck Video, is shown here Jumping his co-star Ryan Metro on his pretty new outlaw style Scooter. Metro is now riding for United part of Ian Morris’ new Venture. Thats our big news Today, although it aint new news, We are now distributed in the United Kingdom By 4down Distro, which Ian and Dean and some of the fellas are starting up. Stoked on that, and we will be working on an FBM Uk team, with the help of Mark Tanner, and some other riders the area. Word. Now Playing- “ride the wild” -Descendents

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