FBM’s DIY world championships

Announcing the DIY world championships with Dig BMX!

Stop 1- FBM’s Cinco De Mayo at the Lost Bowl. Noon til Bert’s- We will have High Air in the pool, Bike pinata, sombreros, tacos, and live musicians (riding bikes), as well as a best trick!

Stop 1.5 Cinco De Bert-O’s – Billy’s backyard fiasco after party Saturday night May 5th (anything goes, bring dish soap)

Stop 2 – Sunday May 27th- FBM Best Trick at Gnarroboro at Back Alley Bikes in Carrboro North Carolina, more details to follow!

Stop 3 – Saturday June 9th at the SLAB in Southern Maryland with the Concrete Bombers crew, details to be announced, grilling, chilling and more. Starts at Noonish!
Free to enter / No kooks / Addresses will not be made public (except Gnarrboro, thats at a bike shop – Google that shit!)