2006 outsiders, out now!

The maniacs in the FBM machine shop have been crankin out sweet bikes, and the 2006 Outsiders are now back from paint.the new ones have heat treated 3/16″ drops, a butted seat tube, an externally machined headtube,and almost a half a pound lighter than last years. Ryan Corrigan, who is currently at Nyquist’s compound in Greenville, is helping build his new ramp complex. Do they call it Greenville because of all the cash they have down there? Cashville? Aaron Ross is still in Japan, Ryan Sher sent this pic over, of A-dawg chillin in Tokyo. Word. Shanton Wilson is shown here riding at the flow comp with a big old alleyoop, and I am currently listening to the Ghetto Boys. Teeny Cardona is not, but he gets jiggy on the dance floor, look for Tony and his crew of Vircoe Apes to be hitting the dirt ramps till the snow flies in Illinois. What a ratty bunch. Yesterday Was Mike Tags 31st B-day, so Feliz Cumpleanos my Amigo. Kelly Baker hits another one this weekend too, DAMN, guess how long Kelly has Been aping it, and Dave King will get your name tattooed on him. Speaking of Dave, he is an awesome rider, one of my favorites, Granted, he is in Half and Half crashing alot, that just shows how tuff he is, and how hard he’ll try to pull a trick. Riding on road trips is harder than at your local spots. So hi-five him next time you see him half naked wrestling in a kiddy pool filled with green beans.

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